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Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2012

Originally Posted by macmac
You're supposed to have good taste, how can you give snow white an 8? Such a badly edited, generic movie that borrowed from everything and brought nothing new on its own....such a blah movie...

easy, each to their own. i loved snow white. i have no idea wtf people can even find to criticise in it it was a perfect little fantasy film THAT ACTUALLY HAD STRONG FANTASY ELEMENTS. we need more films like this these days it reminded me of those 80's movies like never ending story and labyrinth etc that were unashamedly fantasy. that scene with the forrest and all the great little touches were superb and even the acting was fine, where the film fell down was the third act when it got away from what it was doing well and tried to do a battle/lotr's type section. that didn't convince and the film fell down here but the first 2/3's were superb. "borrowed from everything and brought nothing new" its snow white, how exactly could it deviate from what it is? whats impressive is that it managed to actually capture the essence, thats much better than "bringing something new" for this kind of film.
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