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Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2012

Originally Posted by Riddler
Safe House was awesome.

Top 5 for sure.

I thought Safe House was good in the first 15 minutes and good in the last 20 minutes, but shit otherwise. I predicted the bad guy 5 minutes into the movie, and the whole middle hour or so did nothing to expand on story, all the middle had was the 2 main characters running and being shot at but every bullet ricocheted around them even thought they were being hunted by professionals. There was never any dramatic situations that you actually had to question "How will they get out of this situation?," it was all run run run, missed shot missed shot missed shot. The last 20 minutes was when they explained the story and why we should care, but by that point I was so out of the movie, I didn't care enough, and even then, it was something completely predictable anyway.
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