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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Think I'll be playing as Zerg for the qualifiers, or at least the first one. I randomly decided to go Z and won 3 straight games. I actually feel like laddering a bit now. Placed in bronze tho The games are really low level because all the guys sucked and made big mistakes, but I wanna share them anyways

First Game is a ZvP Ohana LE. This guy was kinda bad and I could tell as soon as I initially scouted and saw gateway/forge. I go 15/15 pool first with a ling/bling mini bust cause i wanted a quick win. I would have won earlier I think but I messed up my control a bit and had lings in 2 different spots of the map and didn't notice minimap. cannon walls are effective against only ling. I lost 6 drones to VR at the 3rd which wasn't too too bad but think i coulda done that better. also, 2 baneling nests = lol. i almost did that again, for some reason I hit B when I want to make roaches.

Second game is ZvT Ohana LE. I really like Ohana as Z minus the rocks between 2nd and 3rd (didn't destroy either game, lols). I instantly saw his 2 rax and knew I should hold. Hiding the lings behind his natural's main was so ****ing smart, I'm wonderfully magnificent. I held badly. I should have thrown up that spine when he killed my ling at the xel naga and then rallied back my ling/roach. i also accidently made some lings when i meant to make roaches. nonetheless I dronepulled and killed his army cause he didn't micro at all, and I countered perfectly meanwhile (he left his depot down which I was counting on). i thought i could win once his push was dead and all my lings were alive in his base but he gg'd anyways.

Third game is ZvP Shakuras. I vetoed this map because I don't like it but for some reason still got it by chance. I opened 10 pool but he went ffe so that was negated. i made a big mistake by trying to do anything and i should have just run the lings back. i then decided to just do a roach max style, which went well because i've done it a few times before and last i practiced i got max around 13 mins which isn't too bad considering im "technically bronze" i saw the zealot/vr/stalker and instantly decided to throw up spores and just basetrade. i shoulda put spores in my main as it would have saved me 10 minutes, but whatever. i obviously destroy his base with my roaches and the game is over and he has nothing left. he hangs in with vr's and because i'm not great with infestors the game lasts a long time. i shoulda checked the base he was in, don't know why I assumed he wouldn't be able to get there. it would have been a more interesting game if he just went for base trade rather than only taking out my 3rd. i think he would have been well off because he had a warp prism out and could get to those behind rock bases. oh well, good for me.

g1 replay download
g2 replay download
g3 replay download

i like where i'm at all things considered. my epm is like 50-80 and apm is like 80-120 I think.
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