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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by StateProperty
Nuggets fan, do some practice drafts on yahoo (if they're open yet) so you can get a hang of drafting style. Think I was 3rd place in a 10 team league my first time, you'll be fine. Like 10% of fantasy is skill. The rest is luck with injuries and being active.

I remember I played in a league with GOBB and he drafted Brady right after he set QB record. Got hurt 1st game of season. Shit happens.

Yeah I've been reading up and doing some mocks the one part where I got confused was with the scoring. Everything I read had a different way of doing it. Even saw this one where only TD's mattered and nothing more.

Been reading up on the ADP so I won't end up reaching or making a crazy pick that alters everybody else's team.
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