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Originally Posted by Bano114
Also, my instinct is telling me Cam will be going through a Sophmore Slump for a stretch this year.

From weeks 3-8 he plays some pretty tough defenses with some strong corners (Seahawks, Giants, Cowboys, Bears, Falcons)

Then he has the Eagles and Broncos towards the end of the season.

If he is as successful as last year...the success wont come easy. Alot of players struggle in their second year...even after having as much success as Cam did in his rookie season.

One example I can think of basketball though....Tyreke Evans. He had an amazing first year but since then has decreased. Of course its a different sport with different factors but the Sophmore Slump is always something to consider.

Thanks, I haven't had time to check the strength of the schedule as yet so that's something I hadn't thought about as yet, but i have made the decision not to trade Rodgers for anything.

Appreciate the discussion from all you guys.
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