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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire Novels

halfway through a feast of crows (obv spoilers to come if you haven't gotten that far)

so far its been a bit of a snooze though the major arcs are starting to pick up. sucks that arya has only had two chapters so far but i just read the ch where she makes major gains in the buddhist style temple and it was probably one of my favourites of the entire series... certainly my favourite non-action packed chapter.

the family strife ripping apart the lannisters and the ironborn is finally starting to get interesting and its about time. all of the seeds are being planted for cersei to just go completely batshit insane, either from her friends "turning their backs on her" or her son being "stolen away"... gonna be fun to watch. and i dug the series of speeches at the kingsmoot.

it's a damn shame that brienne and samwell chapters take up so much of this book because otherwise it'd be a much better read. but those two.... especially brienne, jesus christ her plot has thus far been completely irrelevant to anything else going on in the world. she stumbles upon the most inconceivably retarded lead possible and decides to wander for several days to an abandoned castle...? it's gotta tie in soon, but that point can't come soon enough.

littlefinger is officially my favourite character of the series. so devious, every single conflict on westeros throughout the series has pretty much been his brainchild or a byproduct of one of his schemes... i imagine his character is in the story for the long run.
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