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Default Re: Let's give Ross some credit

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
Absolutely agreed.

1) He wasn't a popular pick with most, but I like his game and think he'll have a good career.
2) Never a star maybe, but definitely more potential than DeRozan.

1) Not a popular pick I think becasue management "reached" for a player when there were other as good or potential upside candidates. Management should have drafted for talent and upside because this team is still at best 10th place in the Eastern Confernece. Drafting for shooting needs and then stretching for the player ???? I dont think Ross as a player is un popular - I think Ross as an 8th pick is unpopular.

2) To be determined. Not even close to drawing any conclusions.

Perhaps the better comparrison to watch for is Ross > Lamb who was drafted the same year - was generally ranked higher in scouting reports - and in summer league at least demonstrated why.
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