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Default Re: Official Comic Book Match-up VI

Originally Posted by Anti Hero

HeyHey: Sebastian Shaw Vs. Anti Hero: Black Bolt: Shaw can absorb kinetic energy, but Black Bolt's voice is just too much
ZeN: X Man (prep) Vs. EnoughSaid: Stryfe (prep): Unlucky EnoughSaid
TimmyD: Thor Vs. Loneshot: General Zod (prep): Homecourt advantage; and the prep isn't going to do much against Thor.
MagicC: Captain Atom (prep) Vs. Jailblazers: Magneto (prep); i went about matchup forever, i'm giving Atom the edge just because of the versatility. Both are prepped, so that's about a wash. and because of that, i figure that Atom knows Magneto is going to manipulate any metal, and he's going to counteract that with his own energy manipulation.
El Kabong: Emma Frost (prep) Vs. Raiderfan: Lord Helspont: this would be more fair if this was the Phoenix 5 Frost...
my picks
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