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Default Re: Anyone see this?? 2 Olympic teams in badminton try to throw the game away

Originally Posted by BMOGEFan
The disqualification is retarded.

No one disqualified the spurs when tim duncan or parker sat on the bench for the last game of the NBA season.

No one disqualified any teams in the world cup when those teams already qualified in the group stages

Its strategy paying for seeding.

You're the one that seems slightly retarded to me. Did you watch the video? It's a complete embarrassment. You can't both be throwing the match that blatantly in front of a big crowd, in the fukkin olympics, where emphasis is on the ethics of pure competition. Do you know how shameful that looks? If you want to throw the match do it in a subtle way, not blatantly serving it in the net while the other team does the same. Did they honestly think this travesty would fly with the olympic committee, the crowd, and the viewers at home?

You literally have to suffer from some level of autism to think that this plan would work and no one would make a fuss about it.
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