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Default Re: Supernatural on Netflix....

Originally Posted by Jackass18
What do you consider too scary to watch?

How is it dumb? And, if you actually knew anything about the show, then you would know it can get rather serious. The show touches on serious subjects like rape, death, addiction and such.

like exorcist.... i hate that movie and avoid it anytime its on. yeah i'm sure theres people who think its funny or not scary at all but it stems from when i was a lil kid believing that shit happened. its similar content to Supernatural but to me a lot scarier. i also don't watch any of those Damion movies....and i definitely don't watch any of the paranormal activities either.

i've watched buffy. Stern hyped it a long time ago where i've watched a handful of episodes. it just felt way more of a joke than Supernatural was is in its seriousness. it wasn't terrible but it didn't hook me either.
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