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Default Re: Supernatural on Netflix....

Just finished 7th season and damn, I want more!
Really like the show so far, but it does decline a bit in later seasons. Blonde Ruby was 100x better than the new one. Funny how I hated only the new one after she screwed them over, like there is actually 2 of them and the blonde one would never do that
Bobby is probably my favorite character and that episode centered around him (I think it's called "Weekend at Bobby's") is one of my personal faves.
Jensen is much better actor than Jared, who's too stiff most of the time imo. But I agree that they have amazing chemistry, it's like they really are brothers.

Rant in white (spoiler for those who haven't watched season 7)
Why the **** did those idjits kill-off Bobby? Great character, brings drama and comedy to the show. He's like the only person brothers can rely on. With him gone, they are almost totally alone. At first I forgot that Cass will be there, good thing that I like him too, but not as much as Bobby...
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