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Default Re: Supernatural on Netflix....

Originally Posted by Godzuki
and i definitely don't watch any of the paranormal activities either.

The Paranormal Activity movies are kind of lame. My experience for the 1st movie was ruined by retarded teenagers at the movie theater I went to, so I can't comment too much on the first one, but I've watched the 2nd on TV a couple times and it just relies on cheap horror cliches.

i've watched buffy. Stern hyped it a long time ago where i've watched a handful of episodes. it just felt way more of a joke than Supernatural was is in its seriousness. it wasn't terrible but it didn't hook me either.

You have to go in with an open mind. I thought it was going to be a corny show geared toward teenage girls, but it's actually a really well done show. The show received plenty of praise. Taken from wiki:

"Reviews for the show were positive; it has been included in many "best of" lists, including being ranked 41st on the list of TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time, second on Empire's "50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time", voted third in 2004 and 2007 on TV Guide's "Top Cult Shows Ever" and listed in Time magazine's "100 Best TV Shows of All-Time". It was nominated for Emmy and Golden Globe awards, winning a total of three Emmys. However, snubs in lead Emmy categories resulted in outrage among TV critics and the decision by the academy to hold a tribute event in honor of the series after it had gone off the air in 2003"
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