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Default Re: Critique my critique on The Godfather

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
omg sooo complexx. hezz not completly good or evil and he sparez da kiddies from my little friend.
herp derp.

Every f*cking oldschool man that ever lived was tough, but honorable and chivalrous. It is nothing new.

Michael Corleone's brilliance, "loss of innocence", and evolution through the series sh!ts on Tony Montana's overblown machoism.

Most predictable response ever. I expected it from another poster though. Just belittle someones post, add some z's on the end of a word, mission accomplished. You have totally won me over, I think I will change my opinion now.

I will now never look at Scarface the same way. The writing just can't compare with The Godfather. I mean I never once predicted that someone was about to die when there was a car waiting outside for them. So amazing. Oh and how the senator talks smack to Michael Corleone in his own office, that wasn't an obvious chance for Michael to show how cold he can look while plotting revenge.

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