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Default Re: Lakers switching to Princeton Offense in '12-'13

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Thanks guys......but I just want you to understand where I am coming from, seeing a coach of the team I have loved since 1960 who has less knowledge than even my 15 year old players boils my blood
I guarantee you that MB couldn't tell you a single thing about the Princeton, Triangle, Pick and Roll.......or fundamentals, anything other than isolation.
I could see this when he was coaching the Cavs and every NBA experienced person I have spoken to is very well aware that MB is not qualified.
I will probably still call him's not like I call any of you guys names , but I will also explain coaching and strategy issues more

DK, Your comments offend me because I KNOW MB. I met him and his family and hes a nice guy. I met him and whenever The spurs played the lakers, he always had a ticket for me. We always chat it up about players and teams. I havent had the chance to talk with him ABOUT running an offense since he took over the lakeshow, but I will the next time that I see him.

When he was with the cavs, he explained to me that they ran the triangle but the players just didnt understand how the system worked. Mike Brown is a great coach and his offense is awesome. One thing he did tell me was that the lakers wanted to have Bynum work with Magic. They wanted bynum to develop some ball handling and play making abilities. They are working on it this summer. Thus, The reason why the offense will be implemented. They want Bynum to be a point center. After working with Magic, Mike Brown eventually wants Bynum to be playing some minutes at the pg and eventually take over as pg ala magic johnson.

Mike Brown Has this great offensive set, and it will work wonders next year. I will find out more, the next time I talk to him.


lol. I'm just shiting you guys. This whole post was false. lol I really don't know Mike Brown, or have ever had the opportunity to talk to him. I have noticed that He was a good ASSISTANT coach under pop and learned a lot on the defensive end. Then, He got the gig with the cavs and Lebron really made that team go. They got lucky and made the finals, IN THE EAST.
I don't think he is CLUELESS on the offensive end, I just think he probably doesn't grasp a great concept of how to create a GREAT offense, so he simply goes with the iso, because he is lucky enough to have the top 2 guys (Specifically iso) in the league to do that for him.

i TRULY believe that hiring mike brown was a laker move in which they were doing a little combination of "Changing the culture of PJ, Implementing a new "defensive" oriented culture, Shedding some money and Mike brown just Happened to be the wrong guy, at the right time and place."

Meh. It is what its. I wasn't thrilled with the hiring. I read various reports that the lakers went out and basically said "We are giving a new coach a 4 year contract that is 3 mil each season. period. Theres no negotiating, it is what it is. Take it or leave it." Which is why we lost out on a couple of candidates and just ran with MB.

The great thing is we have some of the best offensive players in the league. We have the best play making point guard, with the most lethal, offensively gifted, with the widest repertoire, clutch-est shooting guard (And in the league for that matter. Applies for all traits), add probably the most versatile TRUE power forward and easily the Best scoring Center in all of basketball that includes variety of moves and the moves are actually efficient.
then theres METTA MAN. lmao.

Anyway. Just trying to spice things up, But I am REALLY looking forward to this season. I think Nash is going to take EVERYONE to the next level. INCLUDING the bean. I wouldnt put an mvp past him. Remember, His focus and energy is going all to scoring. This is going to be fun. Then Pau, IMO, goes back to being an elite player. Mark my words. (Although if you think, Pau was never actually GREAT when Andrew was healthy. Maybe they don't mesh) Pau will be Steve Nash's Amare. You wait and see, The big spanish will be back. Then, Andrew will just be spoon fed and won't be doubled. Andrew will truly flourish with a true point guard.

Then, our whole team will. Remember. Our guys (Metta, Barnes, whole bench) have struggled because they can't create for themselves and they havent had a point guard. NOW, you are adding steve nash, A guy who in phx makes a bunch of nobodies into somebodies.

You wait and see, but I think this Nash pick up will do wonders. Add a training camp and Mike Brown doesn't have to worry about offense.
Our guys can get it done. I can't wait. LETS GET IT!

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