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Default Re: So, will Kentucky dominate college ball for the foreseeable future?

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
To be clear, I don't want the NCAA, a conference, or a specific school to compensate them. I want to entirely divorce amateur basketball from college athletics. Go the baseball route, kid wants to enter the draft straight outta HS? Cool, here's your contract offer. He wants to go to college. You're there at least 3 years.

The bastardization of post secondary education in lieu of athletics should seriously gross people out. Kids are enrolled in a lot of the schools we attended strictly because they're good ball players. Cite all the bullshit GPA stats you want, these kids are not at college to learn. THAT IS WHY COLLEGE EXISTS, NOT TO HAVE A GOOD BASKETBALL TEAM. They're already majoring in basketball. Make it real, make it a real job. I want these kids to make money off their talent but more than anything I want them to stop making a joke out of college.

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