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Default Re: Lakers switching to Princeton Offense in '12-'13

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Haha....don't worry, I know you weren't trying to put me on the spot at all......I wouldn't mind anyway, I actually joined ISH to talk coaching strategy and systems.......little did I know that the main board was full of idiot kids
I'm glad to have my Lakers brothers to communicate with, you guys are all the best

My friends who played for Sloan swear by him. And any coach who could make Karl Malone cower like a High School freshman definitely has my fullest respect Sloan is just like he played, tough as nails and no nonsense ever!!!!! I absolutely think we should run the same sets Sloan ran......perfect fit for our team

Hey man, just joined, but some of your stuff is amazing. Really well articulated on the finer points of how the Princeton offense works and how the lakers would adapt it.

Could you elaborate more on how Sloan's offense would fit? Don't know much about it, I'm a bigger fan of ball movement teams myself, so Adleman is my guy.
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