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Default Re: Why isn't Ike Diogu on someone's roster yet?

Originally Posted by Force
He had some very big moments off the bench in LA not that long ago. Ike is a very gifted scorer and is able to score a lot of ways in the paint. He is clearly an NBA player but the way he plays combined with his lack of size and reach means he won't ever be a starter on a good team. He just loves contact and has skills but he is sort of what you get if Shaq and Z Bo had a handicapped baby together.

I still remember when he murdered Ben and Rasheed Wallace when the Pistons were a sick defensive team. I think Ike dropped 36 on them when he was only a rookie.

So 6-8 in shoes, with a 7-4 wingspan, and 255 pounds is undersized for a PF?

Put down the crack pipe.

That's not undersized for the PF position in the NBA, and certainly is nothing close to being a "lack of reach".
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