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Default Re: Cleveland with the weird picks

if you consider the TT pick, it really wasn't that bad of a pick. They needed the best big available in a draft short of much big man talent. Valanciunas' buyout situation probably scared them away and Kanter was off the board by their turn at number 4

Waiters im not too sure about. I just don't know enough about him or seen enough of him to say if it was a good pick or not. From the draft workout video I've seen ( and the summer league games one thing that is for damn sure is this guy is not shy and definitely has the ability to get to the rim. His conditioning scared me a little bit though, maybe it was the injuries that held him back in his offseason programme but still, I hope he can pull it all together.

Oh, and I think Zeller is ready start, throw him into the fire right away, he has size and mobility, TT can protect the rim, let those guys grow together I say. Never been a big fan of Varejao anyways.
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