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Default Re: Cleveland with the weird picks

Originally Posted by FatComputerNerd
I don't like that Waiters is ball dominant. I wanted Beal, for his length, and to be our Rip Hamilton type of player.

Then again, Kyrie is an awesome shooter. So, while Waiters being on the floor w/ him at the same time, taking the ball out of Kyrie's hands could be seen as negative, if Kyrie can run occasional curls and Waiters knows how to pass the ball it might work out okay.

I do agree that Zeller should start, assuming he proves he's ready to. I like AV off the bench as a swing 4/5 6th man, and that was always his best role.

If Waiters is really as ball-dominant as he seems to be, perhaps he should also come off the bench like a bulls-era ben gordon...but then we'd need to start boobie who is even more undersized, or contract a vet 2-guard to start. Or start CJ....I dunno

Well Scott like his players to run, and he likes them to attack. I think they lacked the personnel the past two years to truly adopt that style. In a more uptempo style I think Waiters would fit well with Kyrie, otherwise, you're right, the sixth man role would probably fit him much better. Maybe start Alonzo Gee for his defense in that case
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