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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

what don't you like about zvp?

then again, seeing as i'm playing against bad players i just roach max and a move

the last game I played the guy did a 2 gate 1 robo pressure (if he did 3gate 1 robo he would have won, i barely held). then he did a stalker/immortal push that did nothing, then he did a colo/immo/zealot push that did ok but i was on 3 base 80 drones so all it did is free up space to add on corruptor. i went to push his base with roach/festor and all he had was like 6 void rays that i fungal-ed then dropped ITs. I won by killing all buildings.

EPM/APM that game was like 78/102. His was 18/27 hehe. He is 45th in his silver division.

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