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Default Re: 26 years old and want to get into basketball

I started playing basketball when I was fat OP, but I was, like, in 7th grade and not that fat.

I started by just shooting the bball, which was my favorite, and giving full effort on D. No one passed me the ball because I could only shoot, so I learned to dribble. Then I started getting the ball, but I couldn't hit layups and never felt like I deserved to be taking so many shots anyway, so I started passing. Then I got to high school and didn't get a chance to handle the ball as much because there were better players, so I added off the ball movement to my game... then I stopped playing.

I'd get yourself a personal hoop and just shoot and dribble by yourself until you think you're good. I remember studying Dirk's form, JJ Redick's form, Peja's form, Nash's form, Kobe's form, Wade's form, (never liked Ray Allen's form, lol), and I watched the Better Basketball shooting vids in 2006. After studying, I'd practice.

About your weight: I'd look up ketosis:,,

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