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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Originally Posted by Maniak
Still have only lost in ZvZ. I'm 10-3 overall. ZvP so gosu, just beat a gold protoss who had some great stalker/immo pushes but i had upgraded roaches with solid macro. the funny thing was i had like 7 festors made but i just held them back in all engagements cockily because i knew i could win with mass roach.

ZvZ is the most volatile match up ever, any mis micro will cost you the game. Everytime i play zvz i just go defensive and wait for the massive speedlings + blings to come.

I also hate zvp, as of late ive lost basically every match to p. The reason? Immortal sentry push. Completely shuts down the stephano style of max roach push. No amount of lings you make will stop that push there are simply too many sentries, and immortal destroy roaches gg.
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