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Default Re: 26 years old and want to get into basketball

Well, I'm 5'9" to 5'10" and got about 210-220. When I stopped playing ball I was much larger, lost some wait, stopped losing and at the moment I'm doing excersizes again.

I'll split this into three parts:


I played ball about 3-5 times a week till I was 21 stopped for 2 years and gained alot of weight.

Here are the things I did and do to lose it:

Diet. It's as guys already said the first step to losing weight, there's no use if you do excesizes and refill with a chocolate bar, and Burgers.

Your body needs 2000 kcal(hope they use that for metabolism in the US aswell - else 8400kJ) if you just sleep all day. So basically you have to eat less than those 8400kJ and you lose wait. First step. Drink water and only water, no apple juice, no orange juice. Only drink "sugared" drinks if you need energy doing sports and nothing more than 250ml of it. That will contain about 10g of sugar that's absolutely enough for your purposes at the moment.

Eat meat twice every week or once meat once fish. If you eat meat eat poultry, don't eat pork. If you can cope with it never ever eat it.

Eat fresh vegetables. Don't eat carbohydrates in the evening(5 hours before bed time after 3pm). Sugarfree yoghurt is about the best thing you can eat in the evening. Don't eat after 5pm.

If you feel the need to have a snack eat an apple or two. Be aware that an apple contains carbohydrates. So no apples in the evening.

Be creative, cook for yourself, take your time it helps to appreciate the food you eat.

There's alot of helping lecture about calorie diets, I guess couch to 5k will contain a metabolism diet aswell, because it's the most useful from my experience.

One more thing's to add, don't count everyday's calories. It'd be a crash diet than and you'll bounce back to gaining weight.

Count it weekly. Start with 12600 kcalories(52900kJ) weekly, which is a lot actually. Drop it by 100kcal(420kJ daily) by the third week and drop it every two weeks.

Why does this help the most? It allows you to eat badass junkfoot, chocolate or crisps sometime aslong as you compensate it. You won't get frustrated, because you can eat some of the "good" stuff aswell.

2nd part:

Forget running for the moment. It's one of the most stupid things you can do at your condition. It's exhausting, you won't be able to run long enough to lose weight. For about the first 15 minutes you only burn A(denosine)T(ri)P(hosphate or fast energy for us cavemen to run from predators). You burn no fat at all. So until you can run for 15+x minutes it won't help you, the opposite it harms your joints, because you're too huge.

To lose weight you need to do atleast about 30 minutes of steady excersize with a pulse below 120bpm. Pulse above 120bpm will make you heart grow and slow down the "fatburning".

Instead of running which will raise your pulse above 120bpm for sure, walk if you can do nothing else. Walking kills 500 to 600 kcal(2100 to 2520kJ) per hour. Start by walking for 10 minutes, steady not slowly. You should feel a little fatigue if you're as unconditioned as you say. Raise it by 5 minutes every week, walk 3 times a week atleast.

A better sport for you actually is swimming. Swimming kills more energy, trains your muscles, doesn't raise your heartbeat nearly as much as any other sport and the most beneficial thing about it, it saves your joints from any pressure.

Another quite good sport's cycling. I cannot run a mile without pain, do to chronic ankle injury, but I can cycle for about 5 hours without any fatigue.

So all in all walking is the easiest work out to access, you just need you feet, swimming is the best fatburner in my opinion, cycling is hard to access if you haven't got your own bike and even though I'm overweight aswell, I got great endurance for my frame(well I hoop three times a week usually at the moment, less in winter, I swim every sunny day for about 3 hours atm). I can keep up with alot much skinnier guys on the courts I usually ball.

which leads me to the third point:



As some guys already mentioned learn the technique. The shooting form, how to correctly grab a rebound but also learn the rules, study players playing the game. Since you don't particulary appear to be build to ball, most people on most courts won't consider picking you. Show your knowledge and your skill. Basketball is alot about knowledge of the game. If you can set a pick and roll correctly it's pretty awesome for most ballhandlers already. Read into it. Learn the terms used in the game.

I don't know any books, since I'm not from the US and learned the most by studying players I liked. So youtube helps alot, wikipedia explains alot of terms and got links to good bball sites.

So you acquired some knowledge and you're heading to the court.
Since you can't lose all your weight in one day(actually more than 4-6 pounds per month isn't healthy) you're most likely the widest guy around. Maybe people will look down on you, because you off the norm, but don't let yourself be intimidated by that. Your obviously biggest handicap is your biggest advantage aswell. Learn some back to the basket moves. Nobody can strip you the ball, due to your frame. I operate in the post against much larger guys usually and I'm pretty successful at it - I surprised alot of people for years, even did today.

Aside from the post moves this by rake is some great advice.
Originally Posted by Rake2204
An additional note I find to be important regarding getting into the game of basketball: when playing five-on-five games (or four-on-four, or three-on-three) attempt to do the things that require effort. Many inexperienced folks base the level of their play upon how many shots they were able to take. I think you'll be able to experience more success early on by concentrating on the things that may come easier to you at this time: boxing out, setting screens, establishing position for rebounds, never giving up on a play, etc. From that point, the glamour of the game will unfold itself naturally over time.

People love guys doing the dirty work, because alot of people just want to be the one doing the fancy things. If you're not playing along complete boneheads they'll appreciate it. Your can be the decisive guy without scoring, if you grap rebounds on the defensive end and help to set up teammates on offense.

Quick explaination, but googling it would help even more:

Boxing out means that you get in the way of your man and establish strong position to get a rebound. So you have to be between the floating ball, your man and the basket.

Setting screens. A screen is a (non)move, where you use your body to block the running path of an opponent. Your feet have to be set, else it's illegal but on playground it's not called most of the time.

There are on ball screens where you block the path of your ball handlers opponent or off ball screen where you block the path of an opponent who's chasing a non ball handling teammates.

Off ball screen require some sort of understanding of the situation. Where's an on ball screen works out most of the time if you know when to move from it.

establishing position for rebounds. Well this is a tough part. A rebound is catching the ball after a miss, may it be your own teammate's miss, offensive, or your opponent's, defensive. Establishing position means you set your feet and don't let your opponent pass by you(boxing out). You lower your center of gravity and anticipate the path of the ball. It requires alot of knowledge or rather experience of the game, since position for the rebound is about 80% of getting the rebound already. In short. Most of the time the ball bounces on the opposite half(draw an imagined line from one hoop the opposite one and split the court into a left and right half). If the guy shoots from the left half the ball will most likely bounce to the right half. Where exactly you establish your position depends on your knowledge/experience.

Hope that wasn't too much bad english gibberish.
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