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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Juges8932
Can't compare since I never saw the original. I just think it all depends on your expectations and stuff when you go into a movie. You're not going to see Transformers to see a movie with some amazing depth and writing; you're going to watch some mofo'ing Transformers fight and for some awesome CGI, lol. It's retarded when people get back from some action flick or a comedy and QQ because it isn't 'The Godfather' or whatever other movie that people love.

I really liked it because I had no expectations going in other than the ones that I listed in my review, so I wasn't disappointed, lol. It was a good, standard action movie. The story wasn't boring at all; pretty linear maybe, but not boring. It was so fast paced that I don't see how anybody could be bored with it. A lot of people like to shit on Colin Farrell, but he was fine in this movie. Biel was good. Beckinsale was pretty good too.

Damn, I was hoping you had seen the original and still liked this one. I believe one of the reasons this is getting tore apart by critics and fans is because it is inferior to the original, so it would make sense that those who had not seen the original would enjoy this more than those who have. And to your point about this being a movie to go to for the action and not the story, the original had decent action, but the story is actually the better part of it. To me, the 1990 version was the best storyline out of all of Arnold's movies.

I will be renting this new version to make up my own opinion on this film, but my expectations are too low to justify paying theater costs.
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