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Default Re: Lakers switching to Princeton Offense in '12-'13

Originally Posted by DKLaker
That is what I call a great post MJ
Had me for a split second and then I cracked up loud
The real part you made some real good points. If Pau is ever going to play at an all-star level again, it is with Nash. If we get to the mid way point and Pau is the bad Pau we have to dump him.....but I really HOPE he picks it up to a higher level.
We have players with brilliant basketball minds.....I just hope MB doesn't screw things up.

Great post indeed by mean john.
Let me re-quote him again
I don't think he is CLUELESS on the offensive end, I just think he probably doesn't grasp a great concept of how to create a GREAT offense, so he simply goes with the iso, because he is lucky enough to have the top 2 guys (Specifically iso) in the league to do that for him.

That is exactly my sentiment about Brown. Can't recall anybody here proclaiming he is a great coach.
But yes, I would still prefer Adelman or Jeff Van Gundy etc, but I dont think he is beneath average coaches in the league.
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