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Default Re: NBA 2K13 Discussion

Hope they fix the transition defense. It's ridiculous how many times you can get fastbreak dunks while the 4 AI zombies will just stand around while you try to get a charge or slow the ball handler. The amount of scrubs able dunk over guys like Howard is ridiculous, hell I even owned with G. Henderson. There is an auto animation if you get enough speed/space, you can dunk on anyone and they won't be able to foul or block, their man will be frozen with you 10 feet away. Lead passes are also total cheese, especially if done after cutting someone with d-pad+Y, they will always dunk even if 3 guys are trying to bump him or are going for a deflection. Then there is Kobe/Durant unstoppable mid range pull up or fadeaway that goes in no matter the D. The superstar PGs are also too damn slow on lay ups and get blocked a lot, game has no true speed, scrub bigs will catch up to Rose on the break or block him when they are not even close by. Unless you use Godbrook and dunk on everyone instead of layups.
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