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I still think they'll win 50+ games this season. Do I think they'll win a title? Nah. But I think Dumars will bide his time with the current group plus maybe another bench guy or 2 and in the next 2 years he'll make some huge move that'll launch them back into a title chase. Remember they have Orlando's lottery pick for 2007(top 5 protected), and if they end u getting someone like even Magloire they'll still be damn good. Ben isn't the same player he was. Losing him changes their identity though.

I think the aura of the Detroit Pistons is a bit diminished. They no longe have that invincibility shield around them that they'd had for 2-3 years. They'll still be damn good. Billups was the leader of that team anyways. IMO Ben was second in command.
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