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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Ok about PvZ. Zerg can do the same every game and win, as long as protoss doesn't surprise zerg it's nearly impossible to win, while protoss has many strong 2 base all-ins if zerg knows what's coming it's not hard to deal with most of them. You either gotta do unexpected 2 base all-in as protoss and hope zerg doesn't scout it or hope zerg ****s up hard in late game (it may be not enough tho). That matchup is stupid, in late game as toss u rely on mothership archon, if zerg clumps up his broods u can win, if not u can't (let alone the fact that broods usually comes way earlier than u can have mothership, not even talkign about vortex). As NaNiWa said, as protoss u need to have as much as possible different builds, if u can't surprise zerg u can't win, while zerg can do the same every game and win, that's why MC has the best PvZ he has every build that exists in his mind.
TBH all the matchups currently has quite huge problems, before queen range TvZ was awesome, but blizz had to break it. Mirrors slowly getting better and better however, but they are still bad. TvT may be the best matchup currently, but can u even call it a good matchup ?
Statistically game is quite balanced, but when you actually watch the games you see that game is in quite terrible shape.

Ohh IEM next week, that's awesome, gotta check brackets n shit. Btw Maniak what league are you actually in ?

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