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Default Re: What's the Fattest Thing You've ever done?

In terms of pure mass, the fattest thing I've done is eat 20 pancakes in one sitting at IHOP. However, that was in a battle with friends and did not hold that feeling of, "Man, I feel guilty for not being able to contain myself".

On the flip side, probably 6 or 7 years ago, I remember embarking on a drive to MSU to visit my girlfriend. I'd just gotten out of class myself and I was quite hungry, and I don't think we were planning on going out to eat that night, so I stopped at Little Caesar's on my way and bought my own Hot-n-Ready pizza. Then proceeded to eat it straight out of the box in the front seat of my car.

Already feeling self-conscious about eating my own large pizza, alone, in the front seat of my car, in the Little Caesar's parking lot, a group of five teenagers emerged from the shop next door on cue. One guy saw me dominating a 'za in the my Mercury Tracer, then immediately got his friends' attention and soon they all began pointing and laughing. The ring leader ended up giving me a thumbs up, in what I interpreted to be a "Yeah man! Do your thing!" type of approval, but I felt a little ridiculous nonetheless. I felt like rolling down my window and reassuring them by saying something like, "It's okay guys, I'm on my way up to see my girlfriend... I have a girlfriend. And I'm not as pathetic as you think I am... " But I knew that'd probably just make things worse.

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