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Default Re: Dwightmare talks back again. ORL LAL PHL DEN in talks

Originally Posted by scm5

No way we're throwing in Gasol in a trade for Dwight unless we get someone else that's worth it. I wouldn't even do it for Iggy.

Just keep Bynum and concentrate on improving our situation at the SF position. That's by far our weakest position, and potentially our most important with Nash on the team. A slasher/shooter with Nash at the SF would be deadly as hell. Iggy wouldn't even fit there with Nash.

I would do something like Bynum, Hill, and Metta for Gasol and Gay.

Yes, I would over pay for Rudy Gay and Marc Gasol.

Can you imagine it?


4/5 of the players are amongst the smartest basketball players in the game at their positions.

Rudy Gay has ICE cold veins in the clutch. He is lengthy, athletic, and can shoot.

Bynum's the clear-cut 2nd best C in the league, but that trade is awful for Memphis
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