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Originally Posted by NBAfan32
Question for you guys. Whats your feelings on Dalembert? Id like him to be traded for a veteran Center and do you think if King was quick enough the Hornets wouldve pulled the trigger on Dalembert for PJ Brown + JR Smith? I mean Dalembert and Chandler are almost the same players - both are foul prone, decent defender and shot blockers and still young and athletic. Oh well, it just sucks to see that other teams are improving and Philly might come back with basically just Carney and Jones as the newcomers.

I'm a big fan of PJ Brown. He also has an expiring contract. JR Smith would just be another athletic guard. But by moving Sammy, the Sixers would get a little closer to cap freedom.

Chandler and Sammy are really the same player. They both made about the same money for the same time length. But Chicago has a plan, and the Sixers don't. That's why they can pull off deals to improve their team. They'll trade someone like Eddy Curry to get cap space this season (Ben Wallace) and trade Chandler to get cap space next season. They're the only team that has built a great roster without depending on the superstar in the draft (Gordon and Heinrich are good, but not superstars).
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