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Originally Posted by Maniak
pretty much guarantee on ball defense will still be bad. didn't look any different in that video.
That's strange, because that's almost the complete opposite feeling I picked up from that video. The most serious issue I had with defense in 2K12 was making a move and beating my defender, only to have him defy physics, slide back, and recover without changing direction or taking steps. I did not see a hint of that in the video, so to say it "didn't look any different in that video" isn't entirely accurate to me.

There's a litany of articles that were dropped today, all mentioning the defensive improvements in one form or another, so if you're interested, they might be able to better paint the picture here. I'd agree with you that we don't know if this new system will work, but I think it's surely different and to be honest, I can't expect anything to be as poor from a physics standpoint as 2K12's defensive setup. Here's just one additional excerpt from an article:

Defense is tighter, you won't get sucked into long canned animations, but there are a lot of mini animations happening that really show the subtleties of contact that happen when a player drives or is trying to get around someone.

I've always felt like I wasn't rewarded for playing good defense, but in 2K13, you can direct the offensive player in a direction without getting stuck in animations. Charges have been tweaked to reward you for being in the right spot, but we didn't see one during my time playing. The steals and block systems have been tweaked to be more consistent. One sequence happened where Dwayne Wade was trapped under the basket, he still went up for a forced shot into the body of Serge Ibaka, and I"Block"a literally swallowed the ball up as he blocked it, caught it in air and landed on his feet for the outlet. The enitre sequence looked so smooth and seamless.

Originally Posted by Maniak
This better mean they're adding technicals to the full game.

None of that addresses how defenders should be different in skill, which worries me. I should have a different experience playing with Thabo than with Nash on defense.

Also no mention of the new assoc/my player features bothers me. Still some useful info though.
I haven't heard any indication that technicals would be included not involving Kinect. I think the issue's always been the NBA not wanting their players represented in such a light. With the Kinect, it'd be the user getting T'ed up (no players or coaches) so I can see how that could be allowed and not the normal form. Also, I read a user can be T'd up a maximum of once a game, and one user reported pulling off a sweet play and saying, "That was sick!" and getting T'ed up.

While I disagreed on the manner with which general defensive controls have changed from 2K12, I agree we haven't seen much about how a great defender will differentiate from a poor one. Perhaps one aspect to look out for would be the inclusion of 2K's "Signature Skills", which is more or less 28 different categories in which a player can be particularly effective (each player has five possible slots to fill with skills). Examples I heard thrown around were "Dead Eye", "Chase Down Block", "Brick Wall", and "Floor General" (which makes every other player slightly better when that player's on the court).

Finally, 2K releases information in very precise pockets. Media outlets are only able to divulge particulars on certain dates. Today was designated as a "Gameplay pt. 1" day, so 2K deliberately kept most things today gameplay specific. Modes such as Association and My Player will have their own specific days where all information is spilled out.

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