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Default Re: So, will Kentucky dominate college ball for the foreseeable future?

Originally Posted by ukfan22
Vandy and Mizzou lost basically everyone, and Florida lost their best player and another starter in Irving. There are a few other solid teams, but no one near UK's talent level.

Erving Walker wasn't Florida's best player. I expect them to be better without him. Yes, I actually mean that and should be held to that.

Missouri lost a lot, but they also have a lot of good transfers coming in. They still have Pressey and Dixon in the backcourt to go with Oriahki up front.

Missouri and Florida are easily as good as UK. Definitely Florida. And don't forget Tennesse. They return their whole team and they actually finished tied for 2nd in the SEC last season. Don't sleep on them.

Originally Posted by ukfan22
Not saying they will definitely win the league, but I think they should be considered the favorite. Especially if we get this Clanton transfer from UCF.

How can you say in one sentence that no one in the SEC has talent near UK's, but then turn around and give yourself an out by saying you aren't saying they'll definitely win. If it's truly not close, they should definitely win, right?
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