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Default Re: 2012-13 EC regular season prediction game

My memory is hazey, can someone please tell me why Chicago wouldn't be struggling to make the playoffs? How long is rose out for? What offseason moves did they make?

I'm also thinking we can finish ahead of ATL and the bucks.

Miami - obvious
Boston - lost ray, but have jet and Avery coming back from injury
Indy - will win the central with rose being injured
Brooklyn - a lot of talent, injuries will play a role due to thin roster
Philly - could finish ahead of the nets, I feel their success will depend on turner
NY - too much talent to finish lower, but not enough to beat Brooklyn due to dwill facilitating vs melo hindering the offense. Philly should have better chemistry and will have Bynum anchoring an already stiffling defense
Chicago - if rose comes back early enough, they will still make the post season. The rest of the team will need to hold it down, and deng possibly skipping the wrist surgery could be a bad decision.
Washington - wall was supposed to explode last year. I think his breakout will be this year with a regular schedule and training camp.
Toronto - I think they will finish just shy of the playoffs.

Don't really feel like thinking the rest of the EC standings...
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