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Default Re: 2012-13 EC predictions (before the season starts)

1. Miami
2. Indiana
3. Boston
4. Philly
5. Brooklyn
6. Chicago
7. NY Knicks
8. Atlanta
9. Milwaukee
10. Toronto
11. Cleveland
12. Washington
13. Charlotte
14. Detroit
15. Orlando

10-15 im really not too sure, i think it could be a jumpball

8/9 could be interchangeable, I think Milwaukee has a slight edge on Atlanta in terms of their backcourt but Atlanta still has the more talented frontcourt

5-7 to me are very fluid depending on how Chicago does without Rose and how well the Knicks do in general

I think 1-4 is pretty much set, the only question mark being philly but I really think the trade makes them a much more dangerous team. They now have a deep post threat as opposed to last year, and evan turner and jrue holiday look to be turning the corner in terms of their development

Indiana to me is the sleeper even though I have them at 2, they really should be in the ECF when all is said and done.
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