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Originally Posted by greymatter
Hmmm, what did Spain bring the world?

Well, they indiscriminately slaughtered, raped, looted, and worked to death every indigenous group they came across during their colonialist/imperialist era. Was so bad in the Americas that natives opted to commit suicide rather than work themselves to death for their captors.

And there's this little gem from Spain's soccer coach in 2005:

Not to mention Spain's 2008 men's and women's basketball teams both thought nothing of posing while doing the slant-eye. They're so culturally backwards that shit like that doesn't occur to them as being racist. Would love to see what happens the next time the Olympics is hosted somewhere in Africa. Break out the shoe polish! Blackface is soooo on!

So yeah, **** Spain.

lulz, someone is butthurt. Did you and your entire family get ass raped by some Spaniard?

So much liberal ignorance in your post.
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