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Default Re: NBA 2K13 Discussion

Originally Posted by Heavincent
Yeah, as much issues as 2K has, I like them a lot because they really are committed to making a great basketball simulation and they have drastically improved throughout the years. Like the difference between 2K12 and 2K7 is MASSIVE. Is there really that big of a difference/improvement between Madden 07 and Madden 12? Not really.

2K13 has all time great sports game potential. You can tell they've been listening to the community.

EA sucks dick and everybody knows that. They bought Mass Effect and ****ed up my favorite game series ever. I can't even bring myself to really go back and play the games again which is sad as fu**. It's sad seeing Live fold under pressure so many times in recent years. If the word "shook" ever fit anywhere perfectly it's here. 2K11's previews were so incredible that it punched Live in the mouth, forced them to quit and they never got up.
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