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Originally Posted by KDTrey5
lie? so ur saying im from okc?? dafuq??

its about lebron now? lebron is the best player in the league. i know that. durant got ways to go, not gonna act like hes the greatest.

but we the team to beat in the west still. so until we actually lose, u can sit down n stfu

No, I'm saying I don't believe you're from wherever you say you are, but I don't care and it doesn't pertain to anything so idk why you even told me.

And you aren't the team to beat in the West....looks like the Lakers are.

Anyone can look at a map or pick their favorite players/team in the draft and follow them...takes no heart, no loyalty, no balls. People like you make watching sports and posting here stupid.

As soon as KD isn't the man you'll hop on another player's dick and create another account. Lame mfer.

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