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Default Re: Barkley: I'm better than Malone

I'd have him second behind Hakeem.
barkley more valuable than jordan
4th best player behind Jordan, Magic and Ewing and probably deserved a top 3 MVP ranking as well over Ewing thanks to the extra wins.
10th best player behind jordan, robinson, olajuwon, johnson, ewing, thomas, drexler, stockton, and bird. top 8 mvp ranking behind jordan, robinson, johnson, stockton, malone, olajuwon, and ewing.
No, he was second on his team. 3rd is underrating him, then again, Mark Eaton and Jeff Malone were pretty good.
eaton and jeff malone were pretty good, not as good as stockton tho. they were closer to karl malone than john stockton, and much closer to charles barkley than john stockton.
Magic did what his team needed him to do, and that team happened to be the most talented in the league. He also did about what he was capable of doing, except he was capable of a bigger playmaking load
lol what a joke. he would've easily accepted the bigger playmaking load in 1982, but they already had one of the best point guards in the league in norm nixon there at point guard, and magic playing alongside him made him a better player.
Scoring more would have been a detriment to the team because he didn't have the skill set for it at that point. When he did have the skill set for it with the outside shot and post game, the Lakers had their best record since he joined the Lakers had their best record with him(65-17) and were the first team to win back to back since '69.
another joke. what happened to this "scoring skillset" in just the next season when he dropped to 19.6ppg, which was less than his 21.6ppg in his sophmore season, and only 1 more than he averaged in 1982?
Magic was top 5 in '82, but I really can't see him higher.
thats ok, not everyone can see the truth. magic was easily the best player in the game at that point.
Nope, Bird is less crazy, but in the end it doesn't make much sense to say anyone was as good as Moses that year.
it actually makes alot of sense to say 4 players were better than moses in 1982 and that he was barely better than robert parish.
1.Moses Malone
2.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
3.Larry Bird
4.Julius Erving
5.Magic Johnson
2,3,and 4 are correct, swap 1 and 5 and you have a nice top 5.
Bird has a case over Kareem and Magic has a case over Dr. J, but this order is better. Parish and Gervin would probably be the next player on the list.
bird and kareem are relatively close, bird and erving is the closest. parish, norm nixon, and gus williams are the next best players.
'84 at the earliest, but still debatable.
not debatable as magic was easily better by 1982. 1981 is much more debatable as to who was the better player between the two.
Are you forgetting about the triangle offense? That's not an offense that encourages ball-dominance. As it turned out, it was a great idea to rely on the triangle more than ever with much less potential offensively. Pippen played a similar role to what he had been playing except for bringing the ball up a little less and splitting playmaking duties a bit more. He still had a career season setting career highs in scoring(22.0 ppg), rebounding(8.7 rpg), steals and a career high at the time in 3s made(0.9) and 3P%(32%). His team also overachieved at least 15 games by Phil Jackson's estimate.
pippen had a nice season, but it wasn't up to the standard of the previous seasons, and with the lack of scorers on that team with the absence of mj, he should have picked up the scoring slack to average atleast 25-26ppg
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