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Default Re: Free throw routine?

Originally Posted by plowking
I dunno who's mine emulates or looks like the most in the NBA, but I don't square my feet 100%. They are pointing slightly to the left so my right shoulder is a little closer to the ring.

I used to keep my eyes on the ring the whole time, but I've changed that now. The whole time I look down, and as I get into my motion to go up and release I look at the ring. I was reading studies somewhere and they said it was a better way of going about it. It has actually helped a lot, so I'd tend to agree with the study, no matter if it was bullshit or not, since it worked for me. Doing it this way has also made my free throws far softer for some reason, and I tend to get nicer bounces on the ring if it doesn't swish its way through.

i was taught the same thing in HS, never look at the ball in flight always keep your eyes on the rim

i also always exhale before i shoot. I try not to be breathing WHILE im taking my shot. In close games and clutch situations this has proven to calm me down ALOT, im a pretty good ft shooter down the stretch because of it i think
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