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Originally Posted by Undisputed
Rose will be a Bull long after 2017. The front office always takes a shot when there's a chance, so I'm comfortable with knowing Rose will always be given a chance to win when he's healthy. He seems like the kind of guy in the mold of Tim Duncan, Reggie Miller, and Kobe Bryant when it comes to team loyality.

Of course anything could happen, but there's no way the Bulls let go of their golden egg. From marketing to impact on the court, he's everything and more a big market like Chicago could ask for. I don't see Rose leaving his hometown team, he's a family man. They'll pay him anything he wants if he comes back even 75% of the player he was before the tear...but I have no doubt in the guy to get back to where he was and better.

Everyone's being so negative. I'm not even worried about 2017, or even remotely thinking about it. I'm only thinking as far as the 2014 season right now, when Rose should be coming to form. The FO is setting up for 2014 because of what I just mentioned. I really wish everyone would relax a bit.

Thanks for saving this thread!
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