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Learning to shoot layups
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The definatly think the Pistons have climbed a slow him that reached the top in 2004 and then slowly start going down hill after that. What I dont understand is why did they give the midlevel exception to Nazr, I think a better choice would have been Reggie Evens. He is the only only player i have seen in the league that is in Wallace's league in what he brings. The main diference with him is Big Ben is a shot blocker, and Reggie Evens is the best flopper in the league, which actually makes him a better matchup than Big Ben against Shaq cause floppers absolutely irratate Shaq. Before everyone starts comparing stats, i think of Reggie Evens as a Ben Wallace when he was in Orlando, not getting a full chance, but enough to show some of his defensive capabilities.
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