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Default Re: Tips on protecting the ball(especially when going up)

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
Thanks for the advice guys. Also, is there a counter move to the eurostep like if it gets too predictable for the defender? The only moves I really use in transition are pausing at the free throw then changing speed & finishing, spinning of the defender for a lay in the middle of the lane, and the eurostep.

the eurostep can leave you vulnerable for that exact reason, there aren't many things you can do.

most times a guy reads you it should be a charge. One thing Coach K always says is if you are about to make a pass can you make a ball fake before? Can you change you mind.

If you leave your feet you can't do either. Also why coaches always say pass with two hands, because you can't change your mind if you see a defender about to steal it.

knowing when to change speeds is very difficult for a lot of players. learning how to do so in the open court really helped my game thrive so kudos. I'd say just keep playing as much ball as you can, you'll learn naturally how to read and react defenses
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