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Default Re: Mitch Appreciation thread....

I have given Mitch a lot of credit over these past few seasons. What I'd like to do is congratulate the entire lakers' front office for being on the same page for a while now. Something that always hadn't been the case. Take for example when Kobe had demanded a trade (what feels like forever ago). During that time you had Phil, Jim, Jeanie, and Mitch all saying different things about what the organization had wanted to do.

Nowadays this isn't the case. Jim Buss has now proven he has what it takes to be a competent owner. The trick now is to see if he has the smarts to save money once Kobe, Pau, Nash, and all those guys hang it up. Part one was getting Dwight. Check. Part two is getting Dwight to stay. Part three will be building around Dwight. Only then will we be able to tell just how good these guys are at maintaining.
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