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Default Re: Is Shawn Marion the most underappreciated/underlooked player of this generation?

Originally Posted by BoutPractice
> But only reluctantly. People seem eager to forget about Duncan's achievements because he's not "cool".
Wait a few years until the next high flying crowd pleaser has himself an extraordinary career and Duncan will become just another "all-time great" instead of the surefire top 10 player with a case for top 6 he should be.
In fact, you don't have to wait as long, you only have to see how some people are suddenly arguing the 00s were Kobe's decade.

Well he has a legitimate argument because he has the most rings of anyone in the era. And Duncan had excellent supporting casts as well so it's not like he did anything Kobe didn't. That said I think most NBA aficionados acknowledge Duncan as top 3.
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