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Default Re: Tips on protecting the ball(especially when going up)

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
If there are multiple defenders when I do the behind the back gather should I come to a jump stop, or go up in one motion?
As others have said, it's not a move made to weave through a bevy of defenders. It's a one-on-one transition move meant to counter a streaking defender looking to strip, reach, foul, or extremely force you to one side of the hoop. It's certainly not a move one can plan out 8 dribbles in advance (so no "I think I'll come down and try the behind-the-back" situations). It's just a counter to have in the back pocket. And in those cases, since I'm on the run in transition, I do not stop en route to the hoop. It's more or less a layup gather, but on the other side of your body.
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