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Default Re: What's your greatest memory on a FPS?

So I am playing Bad Company 2 on that windmill map with all the hills. I am in a tank and a helicopter is owning my team like 200-300 feet away from my position. I get my tank on top of a small hill and line it up so its facing upward. The helicopter approaches, I line up my shot like 3 inches to the upper right side of a fast moving helicopter since the game has actual physics, and so I let it fly and the shell hits the helicopter with perfect accuracy and I get a double kill. Then you get this voice in your head yelling "I just blew up a ****in helicopter with a tank". The physics just made it feel so satisfying, I had to calculate the trajectory of the shell and not just point and get a kill. Another time I got jumped by a tank, tried to get behind it and forced 3 people inside to get out and try to kill me with their guns, dumbasses left the tank empty so as they got out I ninjaed the tank and mowed them down.

No other game gives you that amazing feeling, BC2 is just an awesome experience.
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