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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Thread

Originally Posted by Alan Shore
you make some valid and points. fact is tyson has a temper that can get him in trouble. he played sick in, what was it, two games? being sick is playing as though you have an injury, not the same as "playing hurt." only guy i know who was effective was jordan's "double nickel" game but that is jordan for you. the man was a force of nature.

as far as tempers and techs garnett is the same way as ty. you hate garnett because he's a celtic but if he wore the orange and blue all of a sudden he's praised for having that competitive spirit. both guys give their all on the uphill end of the court so they will earn respect no matter what. but playing hard on the uphill end of the court earns you leadership props and besides tyson has the ring to back it up. so does the big ticket. they both did it with defense. and guess what so did lebron and duncan and jordan and lets add my man mr. frazier.

yes melo played hurt, but as the saying goes "if you can play hurt then play and there are no excuses." that said i don't think anybody should play with a groin pull. too risky and they are slow to recover just like hamstrings. the wrist thing is tough because melo's jumper is so smooth and the form perfect that any little injury is tough on accuracy. when healthy his jumper is real real pretty. that said if he is going to play he has to find a way to impact the game in other ways.

chandler is the heart and soul of the knicks but that doesn't mean that melo is the "exact opposite." it just means that melo has to do sincere work on the uphill end of the court every night in order to create synergy and garner the sincere respect of his teammates. he is a good scorer, maybe the best, but he doesn't make others better on offense. that doesn't help his resume-- playing all out on defense will help his resume.

1. I love KG's game. I've been watching him since he was in HS. I still have the All American game with him, Pierce, Marbury, Carter, Billups etc on VHS.

2. I didn't make excuses. He didn't have a good year in it's entirety. I've said that on numerous occassions. That said, playing with a groin pull shows heart and leadership. Tyson played like crap in the playoffs because he had the flu. Lin was cleared to play and chose not to so he could prevent further injury (and rightfully so). Whether Melo should have played or not, only he really knows. Fact remains though...he did. And he was our best player.

3. I think most of Melo's criticism is based on what happened during the D'Antoni era. Nobody not named Shawn Marion plays D under Mike D'Antoni. I don't get why Melo gets singled out. I can count on one hand how many games he let his man torch him. LeBron also scored the least amount of points in any playoff series this year with Melo guarding him. Melo also played really good defense in the Olympics...better than Chandler. In fact, Coach K often subsituted Chandler for Melo and the team got better.

4. Correction, he didn't make OUR players better on offense and that's because most of them CAN'T get better on offense. People blame Melo even for Landry Fields decline. Melo didn't make him shoot 25% from 3. He didn't make Landry shoot 56% from the FT line. There's no helping Toney Douglas. There's no Helping Jared Jeffries. There's no helping Mike Bibby. Novak is Novak regardless. Shumpert actually did get better over the course of the year and played pretty well with Melo IMO.

5. I agree. But this goes for every other player on our team as well...especially Amare.
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