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Default Re: Magic trade Dwight Howard to Lakers in 4-team deal

Jamison could very well average 15. Yes the Lakers are stacked with scorers, but they also have a guy named Steve Nash passing them the ball.

One of the most underrated players in the game.
I think so too. It's not just that he's good, but that he's the *type* of good you want... a type of good that doesn't need touches or a lot of dribbling.

And as for his defense... I've watched Jamison a lot and no, he's not a good defender. But to say he displays "no effort" is unfair and untrue. He's just not good. He is too slow laterally to stay with SFs and too small and unathletic and his arms aren't long enough to guard PFs. He's an excellent rebounder though. He'll draw a charge here and there.

I don't think he's bad enough that he will cost his team, in other words. The Lakers will have trouble on defense, but not because of just Jamison; it'll be because they lost Bynum and added Nash... and Jamison. But if they put the effort in (they have the coach for it) they'll be good enough.
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