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Default Re: Carmelo Anthony Thread

Originally Posted by Alan Shore
I use "you" in a general sense, not you specifically. I love Garnett's game. I'm a Knick fan but I love Pierce's game too. I wish Melo could graft some of Pierce's game onto his own.

Trouble with playing hurt is nobody knows for sure how limited a player is. I respect that he wanted to get back in there. But then you have to figure out if you can contribute positively. Lin got raked over the coals for the 85% comment. He misspoke. He meant he was 15% away from the bare minimum of being able to compete. That wasn't gonna happen in one week since the last 15% of healing slows down relative to the previous 85%. In other words if he were able to come back at all he wouldn't be 85% he would be closer to 65% which is not going to get it done in the playoffs and besides you risk re-injury.

Your 3rd point I don't agree with and never have. i am a firm believer that your best player, your most expensive player, is supposed to be the best at making others better-- not merely the best at scoring. He needs to be be a positive-sum player, meaning he gives more than he gives up. This means facilitating or at least creating rhythmic flow on offense. And if you can't do that then you must take up the slack on the uphill end of the court.

To my mind, if you say it isn't Melo's fault that other players fell short then you don't believe that synergy is a real thing in a team sport. It also means that you think the reason why Bryant failed so badly in certain seasons is because his teammates were not good enough. There is no excuse for a player who is capable of true leadership to not try to create cohesion during the regular season any way he can. If that means sacrificing his own scoring and raising his assists so that lesser players can gain confidence and focus then that is what he should be doing.

They tried the point-forward thing with Melo and it failed. I honestly thought a basic two-man game between him and stat was the way to go but you rarely saw and sort of pick and roll game with those two. The conclusion is that Melo doesn't have that level of playmaking in him. The effort that he should have made instead and to make up for his inability to make others better is his defensive effort. Doesn't matter who the coach is. If you can't facilitate on offense then you have got to get it done on defense. This simple equation has eluded melo and to some fans is a sign of a certain lack of leadership if not a lack of character. As a ballplayer you hate playing with a dude who puts up shot after shot and yet doesn't give 100% on the defensive end. And you hate it even more when the shots themselves are poor decisions. It destroys chemistry, synergy, esprit de corps.

Funny part about Pierce is, all the things people said about Melo, people said about him until Garnett came. They said he was fat. Thy said he didn't play D. They said he shot too much. He's actually in worse shape and shot way mroe than Melo. When you win rings, all that goes away.
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